The following programme is still provisional and might be subject to changes:

Thursday Friday
08:30 Registration opens ———
09:00 Welcome note and

Places as Location Categories
Clare Davies, University of Winchester, UK

Intro to VGIscience and

Quantitative Platial Analysis
Alexis Comber, University of Leeds, UK

10:15 Session I:
Conceptual anatomy of place

Chair: Franz-Benjamin Mocnik
Talk 1:
Pinpointing dream settings onto place cookies
Cristina M. Iosifescu Enescu (ETH Zürich),
Lorenz Hurni (ETH Zürich)

Talk 2:
The near-decomposability paradigm re-interpreted for place-based GIS
Thomas Blaschke (University of Salzburg),
Sepideh Tavakkoli Piralilou (University of Salzburg)

Session III:
Bridging space and place

Chair: Alexander Zipf
Talk 1:
From space to place and back again: Towards an interface between space and place
Emmanuel Papadakis (University of Salzburg),
George Baryannis (University of Huddersfield),
Thomas Blaschke (University of Salzburg)

Talk 2:
The value of detours
Sanam Noreen Vardag (Heidelberg University),
Sven Lautenbach (Heidelberg University)

11:15 Coffee break Coffee break
11:45 Discussion session I Discussion session III
12:30 Lunch Lunch
13:30 Session II:
Disclosing places from human discourse

Chair: René Westerholt
Talk 1:
Turin’s foodscapes: Exploring places of food consumption through the prism of social practice theory
Alessia Calafiore (University of Torino),
Guido Boella (University of Torino),
Elena Grassi (University of Torino),
Claudio Schifanella (University of Torino)

Talk 2:
Digital Imaginations of National Parks in Different Social Media: Data Exploration
Vuokko Heikinheimo (University of Helsinki),
Henrikki Tenkanen (University of Helsinki),
Tuomo Hiippala (University of Helsinki),
Tuuli Toivonen (University of Helsinki)

Session IV:
Exploratory and visual analytics of place

Chair: Dirk Burghardt
Talk 1:
A contribution to the visualization of the diversity of places
Mathias Gröbe (TU Dresden),
Dirk Burghardt (TU Dresden)

Talk 2:
Data mining of network events with space-time cube application
Viktor Putrenko (World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development),
Nataliia Pashynska (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv),
Sergiy Nazarenko (World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development)

14:30 Coffee break Coffee break
15:00 Discussion session II Discussion session IV
16:00 Coffee break Closing of the workshop
16:30 Panel discussion:
“What’s been done about Place so far—and where are we heading?”
René Westerholt (anchorman), Clare Davies, Thomas Blaschke, Dirk Burghardt, Alexis Comber, Alexander Zipf
17:00 Poster blitz ———
19:00 Dinner
Restaurant Kulturbrauerei, Leyergasse 6, 69117 Heidelberg